Our Mission 

To inspire and provide resources to youth impacted by foster care.

Doris Ann's Daughter, Inc. is a Georgia 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization collaborating with foster care homes to support children navigating through home placement by providing them with the necessities they may need while in care. 


Many children do not have a suitcase or a duffel bag when they enter foster care, especially in emergency situations. They often have to bring whatever belongings they can fit into a plastic trash bag

CHILDREN NEED Personal Hygeine Items

These necessary items are practical donations that can always be used and are often forgotten about. The cost of these items for foster children can quickly add up, and occasionally foster children are forced to make do with alternative items. 

welcome Boxes

Some children enter foster care with few or no belongings, so welcome boxes can contain a variety of items: Cozy Blankets, Pajamas, Socks, Underwear, Coloring Books and Treats 

CHILDREN need Gently Worn Items

Due to the disruptive process of being removed from their home, foster children oftentimes do not have everything they need when they arrive for placement.

Our Journey

In Loving Memory Of Doris A Allen 

The journey of starting a nonprofit organization for children in foster care and home placement is a personal story I share. I was placed in foster care at birth than later adopted at 11 months by my parents, Thomas and Doris Allen, on September 22, 1988; being adopted at an early age created a strongly supportive, loving foundation. It gave me a sense of belongingness, purpose, and unconditional love. On December 7, 2018, my mother passed away from Bone Marrow Cancer. Although, my mother is no longer here with us. The love and support she showed me still live on within me. That's why I created Doris Ann's Daughter Inc. to empower, support, and encourage children living in the foster care system.


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